Talk To Your Partner & Share Ideas

Your wedding day should be a highly memorable and special day for you to share with your partner, friends and family. Communication with your partner is highly important – talk to them and find out what their idea of the perfect wedding is. It’s best to talk things through before you start visiting venues and set a date. You want to be sure that you are both reading from the same song sheet, even if this means that one or both of you will need to make some compromises along the way.

Church or Civil Ceremony?

Do you or your partner want a church wedding? Or perhaps you’d favour a civil ceremony? Again, if you differ in opinion then a compromise will need to be made early on.

Set the Budget

You need to set the budget at the start of your wedding planning journey as this will provide a framework for your decision making. Some venues will simply be out of your price range, therefore it is best to set your sights at the right level before you make the mistake of visiting the highly unaffordable wedding venue of your dreams.

Wedding Guests

Consider your wedding guests and their travel needs. Will you need to accommodate overnight guests? Do they all live in one main area or are they travelling from multiple places, far and wide? Will they make their own way to the venue or will you organise transport?

Guest List

Come up with a guest list, or at least make a reasonable estimate. Remember to consider your full day guests and those you may invite solely to the evening reception.

Some venues may be too small to accommodate your wedding party. On the contrast, some may be larger than you require. Therefore it is important to gage guest numbers as soon as possible to help with venue selection.

Set the Date

Set the date, consider the time of year and check the availability of venues. If you already have a firm date in mind, be sure to check availability before you take the time to travel to the venue. If you like the venue but they can’t accommodate you, you’ll have to seek out a different wedding location or alternatively, change your original date.

The Wedding Planner

Are they friendly and welcoming? The venue wedding planner or co-ordinator will play a key role in the planning of your day. It is important to build a rapport with them as you are likely to be in touch with them many times prior to your big day. Above all else, you need to ensure that they listen to the needs of yourself and your partner.

Attend A Wedding Fayre

Wedding fayres are the perfect place to go to source suppliers and gain ideas for your wedding day. We recommend that you attend at least one wedding fayre as they are the perfect source of inspiration for yourself and partner. For the bride, perhaps make a day of it and invite your head bridesmaid and/or mother along to help.

Ask Questions, Make Notes & Take Photos

When you are visiting potential venues, don’t be afraid to ask questions. In addition, take a note pad and jot down your thoughts as well as any useful information you are told which isn’t included within the venue brochure. These notes will be great to look back on and review when you come to making your final decision.

In addition to your handy notes, be sure to take your camera along and snap plenty of photos of the venue. Pictures of the function room(s), bed rooms, entrance hall etc will help you when it comes to reviewing the venue at a later date.

Take Your Time & Enjoy!

Take your time and don’t rush into anything. Your wedding day requires careful planning, so take time to make your decision and try and enjoy the planning experience. It needn’t be as stressful as you think.

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