Wedding day is one of the most important and beautiful days for the bride and the groom. In order to make this day memorable, everybody does everything they can to make this day a beautiful one. There are various types of functions, dancing, singing and much more. It is all done so that the wedding day could be forever imprinted on the minds of the couple.

Nowadays, one of the very popular ways of arranging a wedding function is by following a particular wedding theme. There are various kinds of wedding ideas and themes. If the couple is arranging the wedding through wedding planners, they would come to know about various kinds of themes and ideas present in the market, like red theme, butterfly theme, fairy theme, Halloween theme and much more. People do follow them because it is really a very fun thing. By following, we mean that the whole site will be decorated in the respective way along with the dresses of the bride and the groom. The decorations are also done in the same way. For example, if a wedding function is arranged in such a way that the theme color is red, then the whole sight will be arranged with the reddish tone. This includes carpets, chair covers, napkins, lightning, stage, dresses of the bride maids and all the other things.

There are various kinds of ideas that are also inducted in the wedding function. Almost every country and every town follows its own customs that are followed by all for example, some people get drunk after the vows have been taken, some people dance, some do karaoke, and some play various kinds of games. These ideas overall add the enthusiasm and excitements of the wedding days. The arrangement of the tables is also a part of wedding ideas. The tables can be round or straight. The food items can be of various cuisines, like Chinese, Italian, Indian and much more. The wedding function can be arranged in a garden or in the hall.

But there are also several romantic, yet unusual, wedding ideas. For instance, you might put a giant picture of you and your husband in the reception venue and have your guests sign it with their own wishes. This is one of those wedding ideas that you might want to consider if you want a nice memory of that day. You might even revolutionize the traditional wedding rituals by taking inspiration from one of the following wedding ideas: Replace the garter and bouquet toss ritual with some fun games – Provide your guests with customized bubble blowers so that they can have fun blowing bubbles during the reception. Children will love it. – This is one of the cutest wedding ideas: rent a small photo booth so that your guests can take photos that you may use as souvenir If you love winter and Christmas, why not consider getting married on Christmas Eve? Should you do so, there are thousands of lovely wedding ideas you might consider. In the first place, make sure everything is in the following colors: forest green, red, white and gold.

Place a beautifully trimmed Christmas tree in the wedding venue. And, if you are looking for even more original wedding ideas, I suggest you throw away your bouquet and get yourself a decorated muff instead. Of course, these are only a few wedding ideas and there are many other wadding ideas that will surely pop up in your mind whilst discussing the wedding details with your partner and wedding planner, but these few ones will surely spice up your wedding ceremony and reception if you are willing to organize a non-traditional wedding.

There are various planners in the market who give the detailed information about all kinds of wedding ideas they can present. They have a full wedding guide with the details about the flower arrangements, wedding dress, the family members’ dresses, food items, crockery, lightning and other events that lead to a beautiful and a memorable wedding day. Wedding ideas are basically followed so that this special day can be remembered with a special kind of taste of happiness that never dies!

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