Wall cabinets

Wall cabinets are one the most important storage spaces in any home. They help you store a lot of unnecessary stuff, which would otherwise scatter the other arrangements and home. Be it the kitchen, bathroom, kid’s room or the living room, wall cabinets help keep them neat and tidy. Living room wall cabinets in specific need to be well made and maintained. They may be used for keeping essential living room decor accessories. Wooden wall cabinets are the most popular of all other metal cabinets. Wall cabinets are therefore of various types, that offer choices in variety and styles. Some of the popular wall cabinet styles are as follows:

Hanging Wall Cabinets

Hanging wall cabinets are wall mounted cabinets that do not need any support from the floor. These are usually wooden wall cabinets that are used to store some small and light stuff like books for the library and living room, toiletries in the bathroom, and light storage jars in the kitchen.

Open Wall Cabinets

Open wall cabinets are nothing but wall mounted cabinets that do not have doors or any other form of shutters. They are open cabinets with all storage space being visible. Open wall cabinets need a lot of maintenance on a daily basis as they are openly visible. They are mostly found in kitchens and

living rooms. Living room uses open cabinets for storing small, decorative sculptures, family photo frames and other random things. Living room TV wall cabinets are also in vogue these days.

In Wall Cabinets

In wall cabinets are basically built in wall, so as to maximize the room space. They are built inside the wall with their doors just matching the wall level. Such cabinets are not usually very wide, considering that it needs taking off a considerable support from the ceiling. But for small homes, lofts and in wall cabinets work the best.


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