Kids fashion

Kids should not be enslaved to fashion; childhood should be a time for indulging in carefree fun. But it is still important for children to take pride in the way they dress, as developing a sense of personal style will become more important as they grow up.


The key to kids fashion is simple, useful separates that can be mixed and matched easily. It is a simple fact that kids like to run around and get messy, and are likely to spill things at the dinner table. Having a pair of jeans or a skirt that can be paired with a new t-shirt after the first one has been splashed with paint makes great sense, so a blend of style and practicality is in order.


A lot of high street kids fashion can be garish or emblazoned with images of superheroes and cartoon characters. If parents opt to dress their kids in stylish staples like polo shirts, chinos and versatile sweatshirts, they will be imparting a lesson in good dressing that will stay with them through adolescence into adulthood. Good quality fabrics are important. Kids’ clothes will need to be washed frequently, and durable natural fibres like cotton and wool will withstand vigorous washing machine cycles. They are also great for comfort value: soft natural fibres trump polyester and acetate any day.


Kids’ wardrobes tend to be more casual than adults’ for obvious reasons: there are fewer occasions for them to dress up smartly. A single suit for a boy and some party dresses for a girl will see them through the odd wedding or family event, so the majority of fashion focus needs to be on their everyday clothes. For young lads who are likely to be into sport or other outdoor activities, this more often than not translates into jeans and t-shirts, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring.


Many top designers have dedicated kids fashion lines, so you can lead your kids down the road to great taste in the future. Choose well made pieces from designer brands like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana; Calvin Klein even designs underwear for kids, so your super-stylish progeny can dress well right down to the very basics. Designer clothing is more comfortable and durable than run-of-the-mill high street picks, so see your child through the long school holidays – and the school term – with some well chosen designer fashion.

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