Electric bicycle

Nature has many hidden treasures waiting to be explored! However, to reach  these beautiful nooks and corners what you need is a bike! The experience of exploring the Alps on your bicycle will surely give you an adrenalin rush! The experience of riding a bike is further accentuated by the use of electric bicycles which provide you with clean and abundant energy.

Electric bicycle is a concept which is acquiring greater significance in the age of energy conservation. These bikes derive their source of energy from batteries and hence prove to be Eco friendly. One of the most popular battery used in electric bicycle is the LiFePO4 battery which offers superior performance.

The LiFePO4(Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries is a rechargeable battery which uses LiFePO4 as the cathode material. The battery offers good electrochemical performance and excellent thermal stability thus making it a battery of choice. It is also light weight and can be fitted easily into your bike.

The Do It Yourself kit can be used to connect batteries to almost any bike and convert it into electric bikes. The DIY kit is very easy to use and can be fitted at home itself. The kit connects to the front and the rear gears using the bicycle chain drive system and offers up to 20 speeds. Just perfect for those uphill rides on the mountains!

The electric bike kit also includes electric chargers to ensure that you never run out of battery power. You can use an electric bike to achieve an uninterrupted flow of energy on those long treks! The presence of batteries also ensure that you can use the bike to commute daily without any interruptions.

Electric bikes is the best way to care for the nature. It provides a clean and renewable source of energy and also offers a perfect exercise to keep you healthy! It is the best non polluting source of communication which can help yo restore the balance of nature. It is  mid line between nature and technology and the way of the future.

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