Custom furniture

Custom furniture is the perfect way to bring creativity and unique design into your home. It can be a tough search to find exactly what you are looking for in a furniture store. Even with more on the market than ever before, it does not make it any easier to find a piece of furniture with the exact design, measurements and materials that you desire. In fact, in can make it harder!

Choosing to commission a piece of custom furniture brings many benefits. You are able to specify the precise size and details of your item. For example, a unit to fit into the corner of a study might require very accurate measurements in order to fit. You might require a dining table of a certain height and length, in a particular wood. Custom furniture is the answer to your interior design nightmares.

Not only is custom furniture allowing you to get exactly what you want, it is also unique. Handcrafted custom furniture is made to the customer’s exact requirements and therefore never duplicated again. Even if it was, the nature of handcrafted items is to each be slightly different, be it in the knots in the wood or the finish. There is no better way to ‘wow’ your friends and family than include custom furniture in your home. You will also always have a special attachment to the furniture. It is much more personal than flat pack.

To get a truly outstanding piece of custom furniture, you need to choose your craftsman very carefully. Ask for recommendations, look at the other items in his workshop or that he has created for other clients. You need someone who can turn your vision into reality. Your craftsman should also have a distinct flair for design. There’s no good in having a custom piece of furniture that replicates an ordinary item. Search for someone with an eye for design, who can blend practicality and style into your final piece of custom furniture.

The best way to commission custom furniture is by working in partnership with your craftsman. Your ideas and his passion and skills for what he does should be harnessed to create the ideal design. Be open to suggestions; after all, it is the craftsman who holds the knowledge of what works with timber and what doesn’t. Using a local craftsman could enhance your experience. Putting your trust in someone who belongs to the same community is easier and more rewarding than using a commercial company.

Craftsmen and designers, who know what they are doing and are dedicated to their profession are the only craftsmen you should trust to create the perfect piece of custom furniture.

Take the opportunity of commissioning custom furniture to make the most of local resources. For example, specify that your furniture be made from timber from your own country. If other craftsmen need to be involved, use locals. Custom furniture is not only an incredibly special product to buy for you, but also to benefit your local community and support environmentally friendly methods of practice. Get designing and enjoy seeing your vision come to life before your eyes.

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