Custom cabinets

It is common knowledge that celebrities, the rich and the famous living in exclusive subdivision areas or high end condominiums have their homes and units designed by top architects and interior designers.  Furniture and fixtures including cabinets and other accents in these places most often than not, are fully customized. Custom cabinets reflect the unique taste, individuality, disposition and persona of its owners. Having made to order cabinets may have nothing to do with irregular sizes or shapes of areas.

Although it is a practical and simple option to order from a wide variety of prefabricated or ready to assemble cabinets, why is it that plenty of people want their cabinets custom-made? What could be your motivation in choosing custom cabinets?  Usually, a professional interior designer submits a custom cabinet project design concept and cost outlay.  You have decided to implement or you may have your own ideas patterned after the latest design trends. You want functional hardware that opens with a gentle tap; extendable large drawers; soft close features; revolving and/or pull out corner systems and  a cabinet exclusively for your trash cans with built in composting component.

Unusual cabinet measurements may be one of your reasons to choose custom cabinets. Not only that, it could be that you have your own unique cabinet colors, custom finish, door styles, accents and modifications that are not available as readymade.  Custom cabinetry gives you the opportunity to choose  materials such as an exotic wood or a  combination of  solid wood,  glass,  aluminum, steel,  marble and other specific  materials for the kitchen, wall, bedroom, living room, bathroom cabinets and other areas in your home.

Many homeowners who wish cabinet heirlooms inherited by the next generation want to see from scratch to finish how their cabinets are made. They want to be sure that real plywood and not particle boards are used and the latest techniques such as jetweld adhesives for fastening. They also want to have the option to choose the type of ornamentations and accessories such as spice drawers, glass mullion inserts, unusual handles, stainless steel or aluminum hinges or locks. People also prefer to see a total finish thickness of 8 to 10 mills and lots of other things.

Having a one–of-a kind distinctive custom cabinet can create your desired look, mood and atmosphere in your home. Maybe, you want to make a statement using the cabinets as a source of pride, conversation pieces and stand outs during special occasions like birthday parties or anniversary celebrations. The architectural and interior design of your place can be contemporary, traditional or antique. If it is antique, your cabinets can also have an antique brand new finish that looks like it is over a hundred years old using the brush mark crackle formula. If it is a basic stain, there is the enamel stain and glaze finish. If it is ultra modern, there are limitless possibilities for its finish.

In choosing your cabinet maker, base it on some important criteria such as technology know how, state of the art facilities, good reputation, artisan skills, track record, references,   profile, and satisfied clients. Of course, before you search other places like the web, ask around and get the advice or recommendations of your family, friends or workplace associates. Choose someone who is creative and innovative, has been around for a long time and delivers high quality cabinets on the promised date.

Whatever may catch your fancy and taste, be it buffet cabinets, book cases, china cabinets, entertainment box, hutches, kitchen stands,  custom storage for your collectibles, your  cabinet contractor must be able to plan using Autocad as design software platform and execute your design concept in perfect harmony with your overall decor. The contractor must provide lots of care and attention to its construction customize storage solutions and render perfect installation. The end result should be sleek, durable, elegant, beautiful custom cabinets with unmatched craftsmanship that will last a lifetime!

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