If you have decided it is time to bite the bullet and spend the money toward building a garage on your current garage-less property, you will have some decisions and planning ahead of you.  The first step is to research, research, research because building garage plans from scratch can be an intricate and time consuming process.  Your first hurdles to jump will just be making decisions and sticking to them once the entire building process has begun.  There are no change-sies once you’ve sunk your teeth into the endeavor.   Be decisive about the size and style of the garage.  Figure out the location and whether it will be an attached or detached garage.  Will you be including a garage attic or even an apartment?  No matter what you decide just be sure the outside matches the exterior of your home.

Before building garage plans in minute detail, you will want to contact the local building control offices to find out building codes and to get the stamp of approval, otherwise your garage won’t make it past the dream stage.  This department will also let you know how many copies of your garage plans you can expect to be doling out for their use and for other contractors.  Several contractors will also need copies for their subcontractors, so just be aware of this.

When building garage plans, keep in mind average garage dimensions for the size you plan to build.  For example, a single car garage should measure no less than 12×24 feet while the recommended size for a two-car garage is 24×24 feet.  Keep in mind that these are the minimum requirements, so if you own large vehicles or will be needing extra interior storage you may want to consider expanding the dimensions.  You should also research the various garage styles available but ultimately make sure it coincides with the overall look of your home.

Conversely, if you choose to buy garage plans rather than building garage plans of your own, there are many models available for a fair price.  Some you will even find for free.  It is worth searching to see if you can find a design comparable to what you may have originally been planning.

After the plans have been finalized and submitted for approval, wait until all paperwork has been drawn up before beginning construction.  If would be extremely disappointing not to mention financially devastating if you were to finish construction only to be ordered to make drastic changes or have to tear it down because it was not built to code.  Always go through the proper channels to make sure you are in compliance with codes and safety measures.

Whatever you decide on when building garage plans remember that this is an investment and bad decisions such as building a stucco garage when you own a brick home will decrease your property value.  Make sure to build your garage to be as best a match to your home as possible.  Remember to include exterior finishing products in your budget such as paint or siding as well as decorative touches.

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