Bathroom design ideas

Are you planning on redesigning, remodelling or creating a new bathroom? Then you probably need a few decorating ideas to get your project rolling. Use one or all of these five cool bathroom design ideas to get the most out of your new bathroom.

Safari Theme

A favorite of bathroom design ideas, the safari themed bathroom is a unique and colourful way to design your bathroom. Making use of animal patterns, plants and jungle décor is just the beginning to this amazing bathroom design theme. African, Columbian and aboriginal elements help to make this bathroom design theme stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Asian Theme

From bamboo to Buddha, Asian inspired bathroom designs use the eastern cultures décor and design to create this flavorful bathroom design space. Simple chopsticks to intricate jade wall art can change your bathroom design into something different and amazing. Bamboo flooring, silk tapestries and jade sculptures all help to make this cool bathroom design theme pop. Even if you’ve never been out of your backyard, you can visit the orient every time you use the bathroom.

Modern Theme

Dark and light contrasting tones punctuated by bold and brilliant bright colors create this cool bathroom design theme. Bathroom designs like the modern theme tend to create an eclectic feel in your bathroom. Unique faucets and fixtures help to bring this amazing bathroom design theme to life. Sharp lines and deep tones create a modernistic feel on wall coverings, fixtures, faucets and shower enclosures.

Gothic Theme

Deep and dark, these bathroom design ideas create a castle-like feel to any bathroom. Deep and rich woods mixed with iron and brass metal fixtures lend a touch of the dark side to your bathroom design. Paint colors like purple, deep red and burnt orange give the gothic bathroom its special look and feel. Décor items like candle lit wall sconces and pig iron soap dishes help to make this bathroom design feel like the dark ages, with all the conveniences of modern life.

Tropical Island Theme

By employing the use of floral patterns, tropical colors and jungle themed décor, you can create a cost effective bathroom design that everyone is sure to love. Jamaican, Bahamian and Mexican themed décor and colors helps to lend the perfect tones for your tropical bathroom design ideas. Faux fruits, sweet scented soaps and lush tropical plants all are great ways to add to this complex design. With so many tropical destinations around the world, it’s easy to see why this design theme is so popular.